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You Could Not Have Chosen a BetterTime to Obtain Your Real Estate Education!

Regardless of what you heard about a career in real estate, When the market slows down, it creates an even sronger opportunity to succeed in real estate. In a strong market,the real estate field becomes flooded with agents, making it fairly competitive, A slower market gives you the opportunity to train properly and learn to market yourself.  These are important factors that are often overlooked, which can determine the long term success of real estate professional.

Any professional agent can tell you that the history of real estate shows peaks and valleys in various cycles, just as in most careers, now so you are ready and have built your business to take full advantage of the exit boom in the industry.

Renew Your Real  Estate Courses  From the Comfort of Your Home

Now you can renew your real estate courses from the comfort of your home or office, If you are taking the course for Real Estate License or Title Insurance Course.

You must Check With Your State Requirements Prior to  Taking the Courses

Our courses are fully accredited or deemed acceptable by the respective state and applicable for renewing your license.

Start and Stop when you want, and the System will bring you right back to where you left of  the next time you  login.  Online certificates are available and if you prefer, we also take care of reporting  your CE credits. 

A 24 hour customer support center is availabe - 7 days per week to help all registered students with anything related to our course.  It's easy to get started -simply select your state from the list  on the courses link or on the map.  Once you are enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to get started in completing your real estate education.


Your State will indicate which courses are required for your States requirement.  Your States will tell you how many hours  you will need for your continuing education requirements and the year when you are to renew your license..
Real Estate Education, Professional Development or New Career 
Real Estate License

RealEstateSchoolCollege.Com partnered with 360training institute a leading pioneer in Internet-based education for the real estate industry.  With over 400 industry specific courseware titles in our library, our content covers  broad courses line from continuing education to pre-licensing, examination preparation and sales training.

Our real estate license courses have received distance learning certification from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (A.R.E.L.L.O) and have been accredited by real estate governing bodies nationwide..
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